• Laguna Max-flo 4000 Waterfall & Filter Pump

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  • Manufacturer: Hagen

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Product Information

Laguna Max-Flo 4000 Waterfall & Filter Pump is designed to process water loaded with moderate amounts of solid particles (or solids) and transport these suspended solids to suitable external filter systems (including pressurized filters) which then trap any debris that could potentially pollute pond water, effectively filtering the pond. The uniquely-shaped pump cage allows the passage of solids sized up to 1/4 in (6 mm). As always, the pump motor is unequalled in the pond industry for its ability to generate an astounding amount of water flow reliably and continuously at low energy-efficient costs. You really get great bang for your buck. The pump is ideal for use with filtration systems and for creating waterfalls and watercourses.
Ideal for: For water features, waterfalls and filtration.
Max Flow: 4000 litres / 879 gallons
Flow @ 0.6m: 3000 litres / 670 gallons
Flow @ 1.22m: 1750 litres / 385 gallons
Flow @ 1.83m: 360 litres / 79 gallons
Wattage: 55 watts
Auxiliary Outlet Size: 20mm (3/4'), 25mm (1'), 32mm (1 1/4').
Other models available:
- PT8232 Laguna Max-Flo 2200 Waterfall & Filter Pump
- PT8240 Laguna Max-Flo 5000 Waterfall & Filter Pump
- PT8244 Laguna Max-Flo 7600 Waterfall & Filter Pump
- PT8248 Laguna Max-Flo 9000 Waterfall & Filter Pump
- PT8252 Laguna Max-Flo 11000 Waterfall & Filter Pump
- PT8256 Laguna Max-Flo 16500 Waterfall & Filter Pump
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