Tetra Pond


Tetra Fish Food

TetraPond Foods for Healthier Fish and Clearer Water

What makes TetraPond foods so good?

Tetra's heritage and commitment to fish health.

50 years of extensive research in fish nutrition have made Tetra a world leader in fish food. Premium balanced-diet formulas optimize growth, health and vivid coloration for Koi and goldfish.


High digestibility results in clear water.


TetraPond Food Sticks with the SoftSticks Advantage minimize waste in two ways — so filtration systems operate more efficiently, the ecosystem is healthier, and the pond is clearer and more beautiful.

First, they're nutritious and highly digestible even for smaller fish, so food is metabolized efficiently, greatly minimizing excreted waste.

Second, TetraPond Food Sticks not only soften quickly on the surface, they also float longer. So your fish get more time to feed, and you get to enjoy watching them feed longer.

The Advantage of Resealable, UV-Resistant Packaging

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